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My free monthly Q&A is where to be if you need a good idea, fresh perspective or to get inspired by what others are thinking and doing. Register here.



Networking That Pays

The (semi-famous) 5 minute a day system that's helped 1000+ and counting entrepreneurs and executives build supportive, collaborative partnerships - without any of the regular networking ick. Learn more here or check out my free training here.




Map Your Model

Map Your Model is my 2 day intensive bootcamp designed to help you figure out why your business isn't performing the way you want it to, and plan out how to course correct and get it back on track. 



Build Your Relationship Funnel

The biggest question I get when I talk about relationship marketing is 'how do I do that?' My first answer is 'take Networking That Pays' and once you've done that, jump into my new Build Your Relationship Funnel Bootcamp, where we'll design your custom funnel. 



My signature service is a fully customized plan for your business.

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Profit Tonic is my signature 1:1 service. If you want my brain directly on your business, designing your model so it's easeful while still delivering your growth objectives, this is the program for you. Learn more here. 

What they're saying

Michelle Warner's solid strategy and informed counsel gave me the perspective and tools I needed to make some critical changes in my small business.

I have already experienced profound results, just three months after our session.

The whole process of working together was invigorating and transformative.

-Holly Wren Spaulding

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I will start this off by saying that I am what some might call a friendly elitist, meaning I am easy to please, but difficult to impress. 

And Michelle has managed to do both (and I can probably count on one hand the number of people that I can say that about). 

Here's the thing: Michelle's work is not the sort of thing that you can back into using common sense or figure out on your own if you're consuming all her content.  Believe me, my brain is a sponge for that sort of stuff and it's not gonna to happen. But what I can tell you is that her -ish really works. 

I had a one hour strategy session with Michelle. That's all, and that's already set me up for the next three months. 

I should add that when I came to Michelle, it was because I needed a genius to help me figure out how to make money while I was recovering from being very ill, life threateningly ill, and in our initial consultation, Michelle being the brilliant and generous person that she is, gave me an entire emergency plan with all the steps right there in that call without me having to pay her at all. 

I was so Impressed and grateful that I signed up for that one hour session because I definitely needed a reliable thought partner at that time, especially given how unwell I'd been. And after that one hour session, I had a five figure goal for the next three months of my time. And I made half of that within two weeks of this one hour session that I had with Michelle. 

So that's all to say that her -ish works, it's frighteningly effective. She's probably the only person that I trust right now as a business advisor. I cannot recommend Michelle enough. 

N. Chloé Nwangwu

I was feeling a real pull to refine my services and had some idea of the direction I wanted to head but needed someone to help me talk through options and make sure that what I thought would work actually made sense to someone from the outside.

Michelle met AND surpassed my expectations.

I had confidence that we were going to refine my offers and redesign my business in a way that worked better for me, and we did, but I did not have any idea that we'd get into a convo about avatars that would really help resolve a lot of the pain points I've felt in business for the past few years. The clarity around my work is at a much higher level than it was before we worked together - I needed someone to point out what I just couldn't see!

Michelle invited me to have a different conversation than the one I thought we needed to have to get the result I ultimately wanted. Also, I deeply appreciated that she didn't just share what she thought would work - she continually checked in to see how it was feeling and working for me, which created a feeling of safety for me, and a collaborative space.

-Ashley Gartland

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