5 Minutes A Day To A Network That Pays



As an entrepreneur you know the connections you make, the partnerships you forget and the referrals you cultivate make all the difference.

Only problem is you don't know how to make any of that happen without either getting lucky (and worrying when the luck will run out) or enduring endless awkward conversations and bad coffee chats with that random who messaged you on LinkedIn.




During this free workshop you will learn:

1. Why what you think of when you think networking is a giant waste of time - and how understanding the science of networking will change how you approach it forever.

2. The 2 things you need to be clear on before you do any networking (and why it's a major problem that no one realizes they need to do this).

3. The quickest way to connect with the people who can make a difference in your business.

4. How the system I created has helped over 200 entrepreneurs start building their own intentional networks - in 5 minutes a day

Learn how to turn 5 minutes a day into a Network That Pays!

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Caelin Aerin

"I didn't think networking was something you COULD systematize. I thought it was something you just WERE. You either were a networker or you weren't. Plus I'm an introvert who does not do well in big crowds so traditional networking TERRIFIED ME. Your system has let me leverage my own natural strengths to network with people as ME which makes for stronger -- and easier to maintain -- connections.

I reached out to someone about her podcast with the thank you note style you advocate. She invited me on the podcast. After our interview, I sent her a thank you card for having me on. She just reached out to hire me for a project."

This Workshop Is Perfect For You If:

  • You know connections can grow your business quickly - but you have no idea how to make them happen consistently or non-awkwardly.
  • You need to get your business started now - and you don’t have time to wait for the website, the list or anything else.
  • You're an introvert who gets super uncomfortable networking.
  • You're an extrovert who connects with everyone easily, only to find out none of them can do anything to help your business.

Learn how to turn 5 minutes a day into a Network That Pays!

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Meet Michelle Warner

Michelle Warner designs tiny companies that are built to last.

With an MBA from one of the world’s top business schools and 15+ years growing small businesses, Michelle knows what it takes to build a business - and she knows that authentic relationships are at the heart of it. It's why she created Networking That Pays and why she's thrilled to see over 200 entrepreneurs implementing the system in just the first few months its been publicly available.

The Networking That Pays system was first created by Michelle over 10 years ago when she started her first business. It's what she used to grow that business to 7+ figures while also landing herself a spot on an official White House Task Force - despite starting the business with exactly zero relevant connections.

Learn how to turn 5 minutes a day into a Network That Pays!

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