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Average revenue increase for Business Design clients.


MBA from the University of Chicago, the #1 ranked B-school in the world.


Years Building Start-Ups + Small Businesses.

"Is Michelle really as good as they say she is?

Spoiler alert: SHE IS THAT GOOD."

- Susan Boles

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Michelle has an incredible gift for taking complex business challenges and boiling them down to easy-to-grasp concepts that help me plot my next moves. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I can count on Michelle to break it down and help me choose the best ways to move forward.

As a result of working with Michelle the first time, my business grew by 100% in its second year. 

The following year, while still implementing Michelle's guidance, I grew another 50%. 

This year, Michelle is helping, once again, adapt my offers to meet the moment, and I'm poised for my biggest year yet — all while still delighting clients and doing the work I was put on this earth to do. 

I can't recommend Michelle enough!

-Allison Davis, Sales Consultant & Trainer

Very few people think as strategically and calmly as Michelle in the entrepreneurial space.

I've been around this industry for a long time, probably like 15 years. And I'll be completely honest. Aside from a few friends, I've kind of written off all advice meant for entrepreneurs, to build sturdy your businesses, or go to market stronger. Until I found Michelle, I had five or six friends independent of one another, recommend Michelle's work to me. And as we started to talk, light bulbs started to switch on that had been dormant for years. Literally, Michelle has rewired my brain to think less like a lot of the optical BS that you see on the internet today, which is good for followers and gaming algorithms and like creating free ad inventory for social networks, but not necessarily built to drive meaningful relationships and revenue for your business. -Jay Acunzo


An update from Jay:

Before working with Michelle, I was sporadically selling some low-dollar 1:1 coaching and consulting packages with entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers. After working with Michelle, it took me literally 2 months to beat all of last year's client revenue. Oh, and I was able to charge 3x the fee, without needing to increase my time spent with each client."

I am easy to please, but difficult to impress. 

And Michelle has managed to do both (and I can probably count on one hand the number of people that I can say that about). 

Here's the thing: Michelle's work is not the sort of thing that you can back into using common sense or figure out on your own if you're consuming all her content.  Believe me, my brain is a sponge for that sort of stuff and it's not gonna to happen. But what I can tell you is that her -ish really works. 

I had a one hour strategy session with Michelle. That's all, and that's already set me up for the next three months. 

She gave me an entire emergency plan with all the steps right there in that call without me having to pay her at all. 

I was so Impressed and grateful that I signed up for that one hour session because I definitely needed a reliable thought partner at that time. And after that one hour session, I had a five figure goal for the next three months of my time. And I made half of that within two weeks of this one hour session that I had with Michelle. 

So that's all to say that her -ish works, it's frighteningly effective. She's probably the only person that I trust right now as a business advisor. I cannot recommend Michelle enough. 

N. Chloé Nwangwu
Principal Investigator and Director, NobiWorks

Michelle is the best money I’ve ever spent in my business.

As I entered the 4th year of my business, after much success, I realized the way I was coaching my clients was draining me. It was draining my time, energy, and some days—my enthusiasm for the work.  Enter: Michelle Warner.

I’m not sure I’ll ever find the words to properly express just how much she’s done for me and my business. She helped me see that my value wasn’t determined by the number of Zoom calls on my calendar, and that ultimately, my clients would thrive in a more deliberate framework for our conversations. That meant that my proven book framework I’ve cultivated over time, was met with a communication and execution framework that allowed me to bring on more clients, and service my existing folks at a much higher level. It’s a win, win, win.

-Richelle Fredson, Book Publishing Coach + host of the Bound + Determined Podcast


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