"Is Michelle really as good as they say she is?

Spoiler alert: SHE IS THAT GOOD."

- Susan Boles


Service Providers, Coaches and Course Creators helped.


Average revenue increase for Business Design clients.


MBA from the University of Chicago, the #1 ranked B-school in the world.


Years Building Start-Ups + Small Businesses.


Start growing again. Now.

Surprising fact: Growing your business does not have to be the roller coaster of emotion and frustration it is today.

In fact, the things you need to be doing and decisions you need to be making to grow your business are relatively simple (but most definitely not easy).

Which means you can be back to clarity and on the right track by tomorrow.

It comes down to understanding that Profit (and growth, and scale, and freedom, and all the things you want) comes down to understanding 3 things:

1. Businesses go through 5 stages of growth and each stage requires a different focus. And if your focus and your business stage don't align, you're going to struggle.

2. Within each stage you need to focus on certain things in a certain order. Get the sequence wrong and you'll be running in circles for years.

3. There's a natural ebb and flow to your business growth. Sometimes it's time to press, sometimes it's time to let things breathe. 

Put those 3 components together and  resilient, enduring growth will finally be yours. 

Let me help you get there.


Hi! I'm Michelle.

I help service providers, coaches and consultants blast through revenue ceilings by diagnosing where a business model has failed or stalled, and then fixing it so your business can start growing again - profitably, efficiently and sustainably.

My Monthly Mentorship, which had topped out at $19.2k in revenue, is now sold out at $60k revenue.

I started working with Michelle because I'd hit a financial ceiling.

My most popular program couldn't scale. I felt trapped and worried if I made the "wrong" move I'd lose it all, but if I didn't do anything, I'd stop loving my work (and my life).

Enter Michelle. 

Three months later my Monthly Mentorship, which had previously topped out at 8 writers at $19,200 revenue, is now sold out at 20 writers and $60,000 revenue for the same amount of hours worked per month.

- Katey Schultz


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