The introvert-friendly, always awkward-free connection system that brings in reliable leads, referrals and meaningful connections for your business - all in 5 easy minutes a day (seriously).

I'm sure you're thinking the same thing I am when you hear the word networking:

Images of forcing yourself to show up, fake smile in tow, to every awkward, bro-filled social event that inevitably ends in you hiding in the bathroom throwing away a bunch of useless business cards collected during useless small talk.


Networking That Pays is nothing like that.

It's a 5 minute a day (seriously!) networking system I've used to build 2 businesses over the last 10 years, both powered on a reliable leads pipeline fueled by networking.

The reason it's easy and predictable and not at all awkward?

Instead of sending you out blindly to "network" I'm going to teach you the science behind connecting.

Which means that before you do any connecting you'll spend a few hours understanding who you need to be connecting with so there's less time wasted with random connections and lots of time dedicated to meeting the right people.


That's right: Networking isn't a special skill that only extroverts and prom queens get to benefit from. It's a scientific process that anyone (and I mean anyone) can use effectively. 

Networking That pays takes the misery, awkwardness and frustration out of networking and replaces it with an easy-to-design, easy-to-build network that works for you - and that pays you.


Networking That Pays is about:

► Getting started NOW. You can be building your business before you have the fancy website, before you have a list of followers, before you have anything. Networking That Pays is all about you getting paid now. The rest you can figure out later.

► Knowing who you want to meet, why you want to meet them, and finding an easy and natural way to make it happen.

► Taking charge of your word-of-mouth marketing so you go from hoping and praying a new client finds you to knowing they will.

► Showing you that anyone, including you - even if you don't yet know anyone, even if you're an introvert, even if the thought of reaching out to your peers makes you weak in the knees - can easily build a powerful network.


Consistent Referrals

Reliable Leads

Meaningful Connections


Short answer: Networking That Pays is for anyone who has a business that could use consistent referrals, reliable leads and meaningful connections.

Longer answer: Networking That Pays is for you if:

→ You need to get your business started now - quickly, easily and with no bells and whistles in place (no website, email list, opt-ins required) but have no idea how to do it beyond telling your same 10 family and friends what you're doing.

→ You have an established business but it runs on referrals and you're done with never knowing when your next lead is going to show up.

→ You sick, tired and frustrated of trying to get all the websites and email lists and all the things in place before you can get paid.

→ You're an introvert who gets super uncomfortable at the thought of traditional networking.

→ You're an extrovert who connects with everyone easily, only to find out none of them can do anything to help your business.

→ You're ready to have friends who are happy to share their audiences with you because they know you have something valuable that will help.

→ And you want to do it all in just 5, non-awkward minutes a day.


Networking That Pays is designed to get you in and out. The point isn't to keep you working through 8 weeks of content - the point is to open your eyes to how easy this is to systemize, and to get you moving to implement right now.


Module 1: How To Design A Network That Pays

✔︎ The 2 types of networks we all have, and why the one you don't know about makes all the difference.

✔︎ Strong and Weak ties, and why Weak Ties make everything better.

✔︎ The science behind your Optimal Connection Number - and how to calculate yours.


Module 2: Design Your Network

 ✔︎ Understanding what you need from your network.

 ✔︎ Designing your Ideal Connection Avatar.

✔︎ How to identify and find the actual people you need to have in your network.


Module 3: The Networking That Pays 5 Minute A Day System

✔︎ Learn how to implement the Networking That Pays daily message system: what messages to send on which days to maintain a network that's always working for you. 

✔︎ I walk you through, step-by-step, each of the 5 days of connection. I'll teach you exactly what to do when it's time to Thank, Connect, Network Up, Ask and Maintain. 


Module 4: Implementation Tips + Tricks

✔︎ Knowing what to say and do once you do connect with someone.

✔︎ How to find common points of connection with anyone you want to meet.

✔︎ How to build real relationships instead of focusing on transactional conversations.



Networking That Pays includes these valuable bonus resources:

✔︎  Bonus live calls with Michelle in April and May 2020, where I'll answer every question you have about how design and build your network so you're getting paid.
✔︎  The famous Networking That Pays Thank You Formula
✔︎  20+ (and counting!) additional formulas to follow to make sure you always know exactly how to reach out, awkward-free.

What Is the Networking That Pays Investment?

The investment for Networking That Pays is $297.



"I didn't think networking was something you COULD systematize. I thought it was something you just WERE. You either were a networker or you weren't. Plus I'm an introvert who does not do well in big crowds so traditional networking TERRIFIED ME. Your system has let me leverage my own natural strengths to network with people as ME which makes for stronger -- and easier to maintain -- connections.

I reached out to someone about her podcast with the thank you note style you advocate. She invited me on the podcast. After our interview, I sent her a thank you card for having me on. She just reached out to hire me for a project."

— Caelin Aerin

(I'd say it works)

About Michelle

Michelle Warner is an online business growth strategist who helps design tiny companies that are built to last.

She’s been in digital marketing for 15+ years and has started and grown 2 companies of her own, including a multi-million dollar social venture.

When Michelle’s not working she’s swimming with her dog Watson or exploring in and around her beloved Lake Michigan.


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