Here's something no one really talks about:

Your business success has way more to do with focusing on the right thing at the right time, and making sure the components of your business are in alignment, than it has to do with you nailing the perfect strategy or getting the marketing right.  


It's a little thing I call sequence over strategy.

Because it doesn't matter if your marketing execution is perfect if it's aimed at the wrong customer.

Doesn't matter if you've amassed 10,000 followers if your product isn't right for them.

Doesn't matter if you get top results for clients if you dread every second of the work it takes to get those results.

What matters, if you want a sustainable, scalable business that's around for the long term, is that you develop the right things in the right order so that they're aligned.

✅ So that your marketing strategy aligns with your client base.

✅ So your client base aligns with your product mix.

✅ So you enjoy your clients and your products.

I know. This sounds simple and obvious.

But in 10+ years of building (and fixing) businesses I can assure you it is not.

Profit Tonic is here to fix that, to make it simple for you.

I want to make it simple because I know a few things:

I know you've worked hard to build your business to where it is today. 

I also know about your dirty little secrets: 

Maybe it's not nearly as profitable as you know it should be.

Maybe you don't like your customers (it's ok! it happens).

Maybe your marketing strategy is stealing your soul.

 I get it.

But I'm also not surprised you're here.

Almost every business owner finds themselves in this position.

And that's because your growth or profit or joy problem is not directly tied to something you're doing wrong.

You're not screwing up an obvious strategy, market or product offer.

You would have figured it out by now if that was the issue.

This isn't about shiny objects and fancy new marketing ploys.

It's both deeper and much simpler than that.

It's that your product mix may no longer match your customers.

Or that your positioning has outgrown your list.

Or that your marketing has matured and your customers haven't.

Or that all those things are working, but in a direction you no longer enjoy.

Which is all a long way of saying that you can do everything by the book, follow all the strategies and implement all the things and still get nowhere if you're implementing them in the wrong order or combination.

And it's nearly impossible to see that and figure that out for yourself.

(ever hear of the cobbler's kids having no shoes?)

Profit Tonic is here to help.

Profit Tonic will build you a growth blueprint for the next phase of your business - the sustainable growth that you also enjoy phase.

The Profit Tonic Process


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Step 1: Onboarding Assessment

Profit Tonic starts with an Onboarding Assessment. It's designed to benchmark where your business is today and give us a headstart so your first call is as effective and efficient as possible.

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Step 2: The Co-Creation

Once you complete the Onboarding Assessment I'll get busy prepping for your Profit Tonic calls. 

Over the course of 3-4 months and 8 phone calls you and I will together:

✅ Beak your business back down to its core components

✅ Discover which of those are in alignment and which are not

✅ Decide how to get them all back into alignment

✅ Craft a priorities and implementation blueprint so you can get everything re-aligned, and then start implementing.

During this phase I show up as a consultant and strategist, diagnosing what isn't working and presenting options on how to fix it.

This means there are no templates involved - every business is unique and you have agency to choose what is best for you. My job is to identify and show you the choices available to you. Your choice is to choose, and once the choices are made we'll work together to create the plan to implement those choices.

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Step 3: Reflection, Research + Homework

Over the course of our 8 calls we'll both have research and homework to complete between calls.

This homework will be a combination of learning, reflection, research and actual activities and should take between 1-3 hours between each call. 


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Step 4: The Blueprint Design


As we work through our calls we'll begin building your Growth Blueprint. This is the document that will capture the results of your Profit Tonic. It includes whatever is relevant for your particular situation, and may include:

✅ An implementation plan prioritized into 4 buckets: 1) Immediate, Low Hanging Fruit; 2) Short-Term Growth; 3) Long-Term Growth and 4) Experimentation.

✅ Competitive Positioning analysis and key messaging highlights.

✅ A blueprint that includes all the details that are relevant to your plan (this is different for everyone). Some typical pieces include:

1. An overview of how your product mix fits a customer journey, and different entry points different folks may have into your products.

2. An dive into your marketing strategy and ideal network: What exactly are you going to do for marketing (social media? interviews? guest training?), where you're going to do those things and what you are going to say when you are doing them).

3. An updated ideal customer avatar.

. Goal revenue forecast for the next 12-18 months.

✅ Links to any and all relevant tools from my resource library, including email and campaign templates, swipe files, etc.

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Step 5: You're Ready To Implement

Now that you have your Profit Tonic plan you're ready to implement - now. 

You're not on your own, though. We'll continue to collaborate for 30 days as you take your plan to the streets and discuss the best way to continue checking in going forward. You'll have daily questions to answer that'll build us a database of information, and you have access to a final 60 minute call that you can use anytime during the implementation period when questions come up.

The first time I worked with Michelle, my business was profitable, but I knew something was off with my offers. I knew I could be serving my ideal clients in ways that were better suited to my strengths, but I couldn't figure out what needed to shift. 

Working with her has totally exceeded all expectations! 

In fact, her guidance helped me so much, that my business grew to the point where I needed to work with her again to handle the growth! I was being approached by new client avatars with exciting opportunities, and I wanted to be sure I made the right choices to keep my business growing in sustainable, healthy ways. 

Michelle has an incredible gift for taking complex business challenges and boiling them down to easy-to-grasp concepts that help me plot my next moves. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I can count on Michelle to break it down and help me choose the best ways to move forward.

Today her fingerprints are all over my business.  She helped me identify the clients I could serve the best, as well as the right offers to deliver exactly what they needed. 

Perhaps the best thing she brings to the table is her ability to cut out the noise and help me focus on the most important things to grow my business in ways that truly serve my clients -- while leaving behind all the extraneous, trendy business b.s. that doesn't serve anyone.

And while the best thing is her ability to cut out the noise, the most significant outcome of working with Michelle has been the ability to scale, while still delivering high-touch service to my beloved clients. 

As a result of working with Michelle the first time, my business grew by 100% in its second year. 

The following year, while still implementing Michelle's guidance, I grew another 50%. 

This year, Michelle is helping, once again, adapt my offers to meet the moment, and I'm poised for my biggest year yet — all while still delighting clients and doing the work I was put on this earth to do. 

I can't recommend Michelle enough! 

-Allison Davis Sales Consultant & Trainer

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Every business is different but the way we diagnose and redesign a business is the same.

When you go through Profit Tonic I'll apply my tools and frameworks to each of the critical drivers of your business growth so we can quickly identify (and fix) which are out of alignment. 

These drivers include:

✅ Your Business Growth Stage

✅ Your Market Maturity

✅ Your Competitive Positioning

✅ Your Product Mix

✅ Your Ideal Customer

✅ Your Marketing Mix

Once I've run your business through each of these drivers we'll identify which need to be addressed and in which order and priority, and your Growth Blueprint will focus on making sure you know exactly how to do just that.

What's Included In Your Profit Tonic

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Business Stage and Market Maturity Assessment

Your business is always doing 2 things, whether or not you're aware: 1) it is moving through 5 well-defined stages of business growth that every business moves through and 2) it is maturing and evolving, as is the market it operates in and the customers and clients you are selling to.

And when you're not aware of what stage of business growth you're in, or how mature your business is compared to the market and the customers you're marketing to, you are going to run into growth problems. Not because you're doing anything wrong, but because you're doing it in the wrong order or for the wrong people.

Which is why every Profit Tonic starts with a Business Stage and Market Maturity assessment, so we know exactly which stage of  growth you're in and how mature your business, your market and your target customers are. This assessment will act as a guiding force for us throughout the remainder of your Profit Tonic.

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Competitive Positioning Review

Your brand exists within a competitive position whether you want it to or not. So while I firmly believe that there's room for everyone in a market (ie you don't have to take down your competition) I also believe that's true because when you understand your positioning, there will be room for everyone. The problems happen when you don't know what your positioning is.

During your Profit Tonic we'll explore your positioning. For some businesses a slight tweak in positioning changes everything. For others it's less important. That's the beauty of Profit Tonic - we'll explore it all so we know we've found what's getting the way of your growth.

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Customer, Product + Marketing Mix Assessment

Once we know your Business Stage, your Market Maturity and your Competitive Positioning we can get busy exploring the public-facing aspects of your business: your customers, your product mix and your marketing strategy.

We'll review all 3 of these centers to see how they're successfully (or not) interacting with each other, and uncover anything that needs to be adjusted based on earlier discoveries around Business Stage, Market Maturity and Competitive Positioning.

The Customer, Product and Marketing Mix assessment is the heart of Profit Tonic - it's where the theory meets action, and where we start putting real plans in place.

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Profit Tonic Growth Blueprint

The final step. Now that we know your priorities, goals and ideal outcomes are, we'll create your Growth Blueprint. This is a comprehensive document that brings all of your strategy into one place and tells you exactly what to do and when to do it to bring that strategy to life.

Your Growth Blueprint will also include any templates, models or other resources you need to bring your plan to life.

Ready to go? Apply for your Profit Tonic today!

Let's Do This!

Profit Tonic Investment starts at $10,000 and can vary based on project complexity. Payment plans are available.

Not sure if you're the right fit for Profit Tonic?

Fill out the Profit Tonic application and Michelle will contact you to schedule a chat.

Michelle is the best money I’ve ever spent in my business.

Like many entrepreneurs, when I started my business, I created signature offerings that felt like “the right way” to deliver them. As I entered the 4th year of my business, after much success, I realized the way I was coaching my clients was draining me. It was draining my time, energy, and some days—my enthusiasm for the work.  Enter: Michelle Warner.

I’m not sure I’ll ever find the words to properly express just how much she’s done for me and my business. She helped me see that my value wasn’t determined by the number of Zoom calls on my calendar, and that ultimately, my clients would thrive in a more deliberate framework for our conversations. That meant that my proven book framework I’ve cultivated over time, was met with a communication and execution framework that allowed me to bring on more clients, and service my existing folks at a much higher level. It’s a win, win, win.

She gave me time freedom—and not just in a trendy, marketing way—in a real way where I have breathing room in my schedule for business development, strategy and art projects with my son. I have confidence to do what I do best in a streamlined way that allows me to bring on more high-impact clients, all while having the time to actually network and build new relationships in my industry.

-Richelle Fredson, Book Publishing Coach + host of the Bound + Determined Podcast

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Questions? I have Answers.

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Real Results

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Susan Boles

Is she really as good as everyone says she is??  
That’s was the only hesitation I had when hiring Michelle.
Spoiler alert: SHE IS THAT GOOD.
When I hired Michelle I was working on transitioning from a full-time job + consulting into consulting full-time, and also pivoting into offering retainer-style services instead of project-based ones, and really struggling to try to figure out how to structure/sell/position those services. 
It was so freeing to be able to off-load the strategy that I was struggling with to Michelle, and she came back with an ACTIONABLE plan. 
My favorite part was that she actually helped me figure out what to prioritize and what I could ignore. 
Even better, when I started executing that plan, I saw results almost immediately. 
Where before I'd struggled to close one or two deals every few months, after I implemented the plan Michelle developed, I immediately closed 3 deals. 
We're about halfway through the year and I've already doubled my income from last year, and that pace is still accelerating and I can directly trace that back to the work I did with Michelle.
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Katey Schultz

My Monthly Mentorship, which had previously topped out at 8 wrtiers at $19,200 revenue, is not sold out at 20 writers and $60,000 revenue.

I started working with Michelle because I'd hit a financial ceiling around $50k annual revenue for part-time work running my business mentoring other writers. 
My most popular program couldn't scale, and while I cared deeply for the clients I worked with and believed in the value of what I offered, my own interests and needs as a writer and teacher had changed. I felt trapped and worried if I made the "wrong" move I'd lose it all, but if I didn't do anything, I'd stop loving my work (and my life).
Enter Michelle. 
Three months later my Monthly Mentorship, which had previously topped out at 8 writers at $19,200 revenue, is now sold out at 20 writers and $60,000 revenue.
All for the same amount of hours worked per month.
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Hillary Rea

As a result of the pandemic I was ready to get all of the elements of my business in a row and rebuild the container of how I delivered my services - including pricing, positioning, and a logical connection from one puzzle piece to the next.

I was THRILLED knowing I was going to work with Michelle via the Profit Tonic. I love committing and going all in :)

Now I am making decisions and taking action from a place of true leadership and ownership. The small steps I am taking each day, that were part of my Growth Blueprint, are adding up in a way that initially put me into a state of shock. I trusted Michelle that it would work, but I do not think I trusted myself. Now I do and now I see a path to intentional acceleration and growth in my business.

I am aligned in my positioning, my content marketing, and my sales funnel. All of it feels wholeheartedly to me and I’ve already seen results.

I’ve seen audience growth and new sales prospects. 

I have a plan for increasing my pricing that is feasible and logical. 

I'm no longer panicking about whether or not my business will survive. I know it will, even if it means instilling a bit more patience.

Michelle is true force when it comes to designing small and sustainable businesses. I felt like I was at a fork in the road of throwing in the towel of a business I wholeheartedly believed in and stepping up to the challenge of finding a strategy, structure, and action plan that could support where I wanted to go as a business owner. I chose the latter and knew Michelle was the only one who could get me through to the other side. And she did!

Yes! I'm Ready to apply for my Profit Tonic!

Not sure if you're the right fit for Profit Tonic? Contact Michelle and find out!