Have you considered that the health of your business has more to do with:

1) Focusing on the right thing at the right time

2) Making sure the central components of your business - your customer niche, your marketing mix and your product mix - are working for and not against each other

 than it has to do with you nailing the perfect strategy or getting the marketing right?

As a business owner you're inundated with different ideas and strategies every single day. It's impossible to know which one will finally make your business run smoothly, so you find yourself picking all of them and hoping some of that spaghetti you throw against the wall will hit its mark.

More often that not, it doesn't.

As a business designer and strategist I help you diagnose what is actually holding your business back, and then help you design a plan to fix it.

Welcome to Profit Tonic.

Business design and strategy for small businesses. 

The Profit Tonic Process

Profit Tonic takes place over 3 months and is broken down into 4 phases.

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Step 1: You Are Here.

Profit Tonic starts with its custom Audit + Alignment Check designed to benchmark where your business is today and to uncover what's working about your model and what's not.

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 Step 2: Alignment Analysis

In Step 2, we'll dig deeper into the audit and alignment check to look at the options you have to bring your model back into alignment - and profitability.

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Step 3: Model Correction

Once we've uncovered the options available to you, we'll make some decisions about what you want to adjust in your model to get it working again, and we'll design the strategies you're going to deploy to make those changes.

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Step 4: Map Your Model

Finally, we'll build your implementation plan so you have the confidence and plan in front of you to make the changes we've designed.

The first time I worked with Michelle, my business was profitable, but I knew something was off with my offers. I knew I could be serving my ideal clients in ways that were better suited to my strengths, but I couldn't figure out what needed to shift. 

Working with her has totally exceeded all expectations! 

In fact, her guidance helped me so much, that my business grew to the point where I needed to work with her again to handle the growth! I was being approached by new client avatars with exciting opportunities, and I wanted to be sure I made the right choices to keep my business growing in sustainable, healthy ways. 

Michelle has an incredible gift for taking complex business challenges and boiling them down to easy-to-grasp concepts that help me plot my next moves. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I can count on Michelle to break it down and help me choose the best ways to move forward.

Today her fingerprints are all over my business.  She helped me identify the clients I could serve the best, as well as the right offers to deliver exactly what they needed. 

Perhaps the best thing she brings to the table is her ability to cut out the noise and help me focus on the most important things to grow my business in ways that truly serve my clients -- while leaving behind all the extraneous, trendy business b.s. that doesn't serve anyone.

And while the best thing is her ability to cut out the noise, the most significant outcome of working with Michelle has been the ability to scale, while still delivering high-touch service to my beloved clients. 

As a result of working with Michelle the first time, my business grew by 100% in its second year. 

The following year, while still implementing Michelle's guidance, I grew another 50%. 

This year, Michelle is helping, once again, adapt my offers to meet the moment, and I'm poised for my biggest year yet — all while still delighting clients and doing the work I was put on this earth to do. 

I can't recommend Michelle enough! 

-Allison Davis Sales Consultant & Trainer

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Michelle is the best money I’ve ever spent in my business.

Like many entrepreneurs, when I started my business, I created signature offerings that felt like “the right way” to deliver them. As I entered the 4th year of my business, after much success, I realized the way I was coaching my clients was draining me. It was draining my time, energy, and some days—my enthusiasm for the work.  Enter: Michelle Warner.

I’m not sure I’ll ever find the words to properly express just how much she’s done for me and my business. She helped me see that my value wasn’t determined by the number of Zoom calls on my calendar, and that ultimately, my clients would thrive in a more deliberate framework for our conversations. That meant that my proven book framework I’ve cultivated over time, was met with a communication and execution framework that allowed me to bring on more clients, and service my existing folks at a much higher level. It’s a win, win, win.

She gave me time freedom—and not just in a trendy, marketing way—in a real way where I have breathing room in my schedule for business development, strategy and art projects with my son. I have confidence to do what I do best in a streamlined way that allows me to bring on more high-impact clients, all while having the time to actually network and build new relationships in my industry.

-Richelle Fredson, Book Publishing Coach + host of the Bound + Determined Podcast

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