Is she really as good as everyone says she is??  
That’s was the only hesitation I had when hiring Michelle.
Spoiler alert: SHE IS THAT GOOD.
When I hired Michelle I was working on transitioning from a full-time job + consulting into consulting full-time, and also pivoting into offering retainer-style services instead of project-based ones, and really struggling to try to figure out how to structure/sell/position those services. 
It was so freeing to be able to off-load the strategy that I was struggling with to Michelle, and she came back with an ACTIONABLE plan. 
My favorite part was that she actually helped me figure out what to prioritize and what I could ignore. 
Even better, when I started executing that plan, I saw results almost immediately. 
Where before I'd struggled to close one or two deals every few months, after I implemented the plan Michelle developed, I immediately closed 3 deals. 
We're about halfway through the year and I've already doubled my income from last year, and that pace is still accelerating and I can directly trace that back to the work I did with Michelle.
That’s because after working with her:
  1. I know what I'm supposed to do (and what I can ignore) which allows me to be super-focused on things that are going to actually move the needle forward and accomplish my goals (instead of shiny things that don't matter and will just distract me)
  2. I'm SUPER clear on what I offer, where it should be priced at, and what my boundaries should be. 
  3. I started outsourcing some of the pieces that I can get off my plate - so instead of waiting on me to have time to do something (which never seems to happen), growth is happening in my business while I'm focused on delivering client work. This is the core piece that has really allowed me to see exponential growth. 

Hire Michelle. Right this second. She's a genius with helping you get laser-focused on what will actually drive revenue, profits, and results. 



After seven years of running a successful online program called Evolve, I decided it was time for a shift in how I do business. I wasn’t sure how to make that happen on my own so I reached out to Michelle for support and guidance on creating a clear, sustainable and profitable path forward. 
With Michelle’s masterful help, I went from having a big idea, to creating a plan, to having the offering up and running in less than six weeks. I felt supported and steadied as I made a whole lot of stuff happen (a new website, getting a daily email offering up and running, figuring out how to promote my paid offerings in a way that felt natural and just right for me) in a relatively short amount of time. Michelle heard every word I said, validated my vision and cheered my on every step of the way.
Michelle is a powerhouse of a business women! I felt like I was in the best hands possible because she bring her years of experience and a deep intuitive knowing to the table. She was excited with me and for me and as a sole practitioner, it felt great to have her as a coach, guide and teammate. I feel so satisfied with the work we did together.



When I think of Michelle, three words come to mind: passion, performance and patience. 
I’ve never met anyone so passionate about sales funnels and marketing automation and what they can do for small business.
And not passionate in a shouty, internet-marketing-will-make-you-a-millionaire-online-bro-culture sort of way.
Rather, in an authentic, truly enthusiastic, let’s-build-your-business-because-what-you’re-doing-matters kind of way.
Before I met Michelle I couldn’t even get through a sentence about sales funnels without snoring and she helped me see what automation could bring to my business and even got me excited about the technology. 
I also love Michelle’s focus on performance and her commitment to making sure the things make sense strategically and deliver results tactically.
She brings a unique blend of world-class business education (hello, MBA from University of Chicago!) and online business experience. She’s got some serious business chops and she knows how to apply the theory to the practical realities of a small and growing online business. 
And finally, the woman is PA-TIENT. She is such a fantastic teacher, so willing to explain every process and how it all fits together and serves your business. There is no question I have asked that she didn’t answer thoroughly and thoughtfully in a way that made me feel smart for asking. 
In short, Michelle is a unicorn in the business world. I absolutely love working with her and would recommend her to anyone who wants to get serious about doing well and doing good online.




I started working with Michelle because I'd hit a financial ceiling around $50k annual revenue for part-time work running my business mentoring other writers. 
My most popular program couldn't scale, and while I cared deeply for the clients I worked with and believed in the value of what I offered, my own interests and needs as a writer and teacher had changed. I felt trapped and worried if I made the "wrong" move I'd lose it all, but if I didn't do anything, I'd stop loving my work (and my life).
Enter Michelle. 
Three months later my Monthly Mentorship, which had previously topped out at 8 writers at $19,200 revenue, is now sold out at 20 writers and $60,000 revenue.
All for the same amount of hours worked per month (assuming I can make good on my intentions and the model--which I believe I can).
It wasn’t all easy—I went in to our engagement concerned that whatever we did would create MORE WORK for me, even if it made the numbers look better and even if the "more" was only temporary. 
And while it did prove true that I worked more for two months during our consults, I have worked less—consistently—in the three months following those consults than I have in years. And I'm healthy and balanced as I head into the new iteration of my core offering.
Michelle asked me hard questions and wasn’t afraid to drop an idea that seemed perfect through one lens, only to turn it on its head to see what we could learn by considering a radically different—yet wholly in line—alternative approach. 



Prior to meeting Michelle I had transitioned from freelancing, and had been working in my business for about a year. I was doing okay, but I couldn't figure out what my next steps should be. I didn't know what strategies were applicable to my area of expertise. I didn't know how to step up to the next level. 

Michelle brings a huge wealth of knowledge to the table. Regardless of what area of my business we are discussing she always has suggestions that feel both innovative and applicable. Her strategic suggestions are always thoughtfully presented, giving me full confidence that she understands my goals, my business, & who I am as a business owner. 
Michelle helped me define my goals for my business, she connected me with great tools, and showed me how to create systems to support productivity, visibility, and growth. She gave me strategies to organize my ideas, screen them for profitability + sustainability, and determine which ones to tackle first. 
Michelle is an awesome mix of cheerleader & motivator. She is supportive & understanding when I run into roadblocks, but she also doesn't let me stay stuck there.
Michelle helps me practically plan out next steps, wrangle my creative ideas, and strategically overcome problems. She is always there to celebrate a win with me, and to nudge me towards action when I am feeling discouraged.
Having Michelle available for ongoing accountability & support is absolutely priceless. My weekly {okay, more like daily} check ins with her have motivated me to keep moving forward continually over the months that we have worked together. I have met and surpassed goals that I had struggled for a long time to meet on my own. She is always there if I have a question, need to talk out ideas, or require someone to tell me to get out of my head and take action. 
Having Michelle in my corner is quite possibly the best thing that could have happened to my business. I can't even imagine where I would be if I hadn't connected with her! She is an incredible asset to my business and I can't recommend her enough. 





Michelle Warner is a GEM. In a sea of online business coaches, Michelle stands out as someone with vast knowledge of not just online business, but business itself.
Armed with an MBA, Michelle provides expert market analysis, research into current trends in your field, and a business plan to help you grow your business that is unique to your industry and expertise.
There is no cookie-cutter methodology here. 
If you’ve tried all the “proven” 6-figure coaches and their techniques don’t seem to work for you, there’s a reason for that.
Most business coaches out there understand online business, but Michelle makes it her business to understand your business, and provides you a customized roadmap based on her complex analysis of your industry, along with your personal goals.
Since working with Michelle I’ve booked a new client every month at my full rate, and, per her roadmap, am set to raise my rates this month.
I can’t say enough about working with Michelle. She gave me ideas I’d never considered, and told me why the things I’d been trying weren’t working. 
I trust her implicitly, and so should you.

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