Thank You.

Since I pivoted my business in 2016 to provide custom, high level business design and modeling, I've been insanely fortunate to work with the best of the best, entrepreneurs like you who light me up each and every day and who inspire me with your sheer determination, openness to new ideas and willingness to not only trust me with your business, but go all in with me so we can create exactly the business you want.

There's no way that would been possible without me being fortunate enough to meet the right clients at the right time. And that's a little piece of magic that always happens when you are willing to share the work we've done together - and what it's meant to you and your business - with your peers, colleagues and networks.

Your support and the fact that you trust me with not only your business, but also recommend me and tell others to trust me with theirs, means the world to me. Truly. As a thank you I'd love to offer you your choice of the thank you options below for each Business Growth Map or Scale It client you send my way.


Option 1:

Borrow My Brain 60 Minute Session

Sometimes what you need most is some fresh outside perspective to talk through launch plans, a new idea, hiring challenges - you name it. If that's the case book yourself a Borrow My Brain Session. Email me at hello (at) themichellewarner (dot) com to schedule.

Option 2:


Are you saving for something special yourself, or just want a little extra spending cash this month? Would an extra $200 in your pocket help? If so I've got you. Email me at hello (at) themichellewarner (dot) com with your PayPal email address and I'll send you $200 cash as your thank you.


Option 3:

I'll Donate to a Charity of your Choice

Sometimes the best way to say thank you is by giving it forward. If you'd prefer to donate your thank you, I'll be happy to donate $200 to a charity of your choice. No particular preference yourself? No problem, I donate to Charity:Water and will be happy to include a gift in your name. Email me at hello (at) themichellewarner (dot) com with your charity preference and I'll send you back the proof that I donated in your name.

(*Goes without saying, and I have no reason to believe this would ever be an issue, but in the name of full transparency I will not donate to any hate groups or groups that discriminate against anyone for who they are or what they believe.)

Option 4:

3 Months of Fresh Flower Delivery from FarmGirl Flowers (US addresses only)

Love fresh flowers as much as I do? Allow me to send you a monthly bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers for 3 months (that's 3 bouquets, one each month for 3 months) as my thank you. Farmgirl Flowers sources all local flowers and creates beautiful, local arrangements that leave typical flower delivery services to shame. 

To choose this option, email me at hello (at) themichellewarner (dot) com with your preferred delivery address and preferred first delivery timeframe and your flowers will be on their way to you!