To inspire sustainable business building by helping you create real relationships that fuel time, energy and revenue profit.



Our core values are driven from 3 sides of the same coin: Economic, Social and Product Values because we believe all 3 must be present to create a business will drive economic freedom and growth for everyone connected to it; drive necessary social change and deliver a product that helps you do the same for your business..


Core Solutions.

We don’t believe in band-aid, surface-level solutions that make you feel good for a minute while ignoring the root problem. We focus our time on creating strong foundations and addressing root problems with core solutions. That means it’s not always overnight miracles around here, but it is always sustainable and long-term focused.


Compounding Effects.

We believe in models that celebrate incremental steps that lead to exponential results rather than blind giant leaps that lead to crashing out.



Simple is not easy but it is the easiest and most effective path towards what is sustainable, light and lasting. Because of that everything about our work from internal systems to client deliverables to course content to giving back to the community is driven by what is the simplest way to have the most impact. 


Relationships First.

We believe that investing time to build intentional, real, long-term relationships is what’s important instead of quick hit, transactional relationships that don’t go beyond the money involved.


Equality + Justice

We believe entrepreneurship is the best way to create freedom. We also believe that your pursuit of that freedom, whether through entrepreneurship or other means, should cause no unnecessary harm to any other individual, and we stand for and fight for equality and justice for all.


Lived Experiences.

We believe your lived experience, and can’t say it better than Brene Brown, so we’ll hand the mic over to her: “In order to empathize with someone’s experience, you must be willing to believe them as THEY SEE IT, and not how you imagine their experience to be.”





Entrepreneurship is a vote for freedom, both individual and collective. And since individual and collective freedom cannot exist in an society that isn’t equal, we stand and fight against systemic oppression. As former President Barack Obama famously said, “The role of citizen in a democracy does not end with your vote.” But it does start with your vote. As an organization we focus on standing, fighting and taking action in the fight for voting rights, including against gerrymandering and all forms of voter suppression, AND we will always stand, fight and take action to fight any core injustice that needs to be solved along the way. That includes #blacklivesmatter.

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