If your business isn't performing the way you want it to, we need to fix that.


We've all been there before:

🤞🏼 The campaign you thought was a sure bet flops

🤞🏼 You're selling and delivering, but have zero capacity, zero energy and zero joy.

🤞🏼 The referrals you assumed would roll in, do not.

🤞🏼 What was once reliable now fluctuates with the wind.

🤞🏼 Sales are declining, and while you have some ideas, you can't put a definitive finger on why.

🤞🏼 You are very sure it's not supposed to be like this.

It's in moments like these - those disorienting moments when up is down and north is south - that you need a map to ground you back to:


1️⃣ What is true

2️⃣ Where you are

3️⃣ What your options are

4️⃣ Choosing the best options for your specific place and time

5️⃣ Putting those choices into action

Unfortunately, I rarely see business owners ground themselves like this.

Instead, when things aren't working as you want them to in your business, I'm guessing you start considering a bunch of things that feel like obvious options:

🤞🏼 Adding something new to your marketing strategy

🤞🏼 Releasing a new product or service (maybe something "cheaper" that's "an easier sell")

🤞🏼 Tweaking who you market to

And while those are all understandable reactions, they're the equivalent of slapping a band aid on a gaping wound.

Maybe it'll stop the bleed, maybe it won't and maybe it'll stop it just enough to give you hope before the infection sets in (sorry, terrible visual). 

How about instead of guessing and throwing bandaids around, you go a little deeper. Investigate what the true levers are that you're pulling, and what the consequences of those pulls are.

Find the real options, not the ones that just stem the bleed.

And understand the impact your actions are likely to have not just tomorrow, but a year from now. 

Ground yourself back to where you are now, where you want to go next, and the options available to you to get you from here to there.

In business your map is a visual representation of the layers and connections between the Big 3 of the public-facing (ie sales-generating) side of your business: 

1️⃣ Your customer niche

2️⃣ Your product and services mix

3️⃣ Your marketing and sales strategy

That's it.

It's that simple.

Keeping your business moving forward is nothing more than a game of knowing where you are in time and space so you can adjust one or all of the Big 3.

Simple. But not easy.

Not easy because easy is slapping another strategy on top and hoping it works.

But there's nothing simple about that, because you're not actually in control if you have no idea what the impact of that decision is going to be.

The only way you get simple is if you actually understand the impact of the choices you're making.

And the only way to really understand the choices is to also take the time to understand the map.

When the map is jumbled up, you don't know to not know up from down, and when you don't know up from down you're left throwing darts hoping one will land and magically reorient you. 

Spoiler alert: it will not.

What you need to do instead is take a breath, grab your map and reorient yourself.

1️⃣ Where are you now?

2️⃣ Where do you want to go?

3️⃣ What is the next best step, based on where you are currently, to get there?


Map Your Model is a 2-day, 4-session intensive workshop designed to:

1️⃣ Help you discover exactly what's off course that's causing your business to stall, to exhaust you or to generally not perform in the way you want it to.

2️⃣ Orient you to the options available to you to get back on course.

3️⃣ Help you choose which of those available options are best for you based on a combination of your preferences and the current state and stage of your business.

4️⃣ Chart a new, corrective course to get you and your business back on your intended journey.

What They're Saying About Map Your Model

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Reese Spykerman

In just 2 days with Michelle, I got actionable strategies and real insights on my business that rapidly helped me to see where I was stuck with growth, and what I needed to change to have a more sustainable business. The concepts and way of seeing that she teaches in Map Your Model are both simple—and profound. Michelle helped me see how my audience, offers, marketing strategies—and even my personality and desires—were all out of alignment with each other, and WHY. 

Unlike other programs or courses that tend to be narrowly prescriptive, Michelle’s framework empowers each business owner to carve a path that makes the most sense for THEM, not for anyone else. 

She’s an astute critical thinker and strategist, and I feel a renewed sense of possibility for my business that’s in alignment with what my customers want and need, what solutions I want to provide them, and what I can actually sustain over the long haul.

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Reva Patwardhan

Thank you so much. Map Your Model was really useful and clarifying. I'd pretty much sworn off working with business coaches a couple years ago, so it's a relief to get guidance that feels so grounded in reality.

I have been puzzling over my approach for months, and I felt really drawn to the idea of learning how to think about my business model. I have a really hard time taking action if I am not clear on the "why" of that action, ie, the strategic value. Partly because that's how my brain works, but also because over the last few years I've gotten hyper-sensitive to anything with a whiff of potential time-wasting. I'm ok running experiments that might not pan out, but it really helps to know what exactly I am testing out and why I'm focusing on that right now. This was exactly what I needed. 


Hi I'm Michelle.

I design tiny companies that last.

I have an MBA from one of the world’s top business schools and 15+ years experience growing small businesses, which means I know how to focus on what actually matters. 

And knowing what actually matters is how I help my clients achieve results that are sustainable and scalable in the long term while also staying resilient and adaptable in the short term. 

 In other words: More progress, less shiny object chasing.

It’s the way I grew my first business in the social impact tech sector, and it’s what I've used to help 300+ CEO's create businesses that work for the important stuff: profit, energy, passion + time. 

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Map Your Model Will Cover: 

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Session 1: You Are Here

Before we make plans for your future, we have to know where you are now and what that means for how your business is currently performing.

In the first module and session of Map Your Model we will assess the current state of your business to understand where you are now.

That might sound simple, but this is place I start with all of my private clients, and all of them have been surprised by what they've found. 

There is tremendous power in having clarity over exactly where you are right now - and why.

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Session 2: Course Check

Once we understand where you are, we can start having fun determining where you want to be and, more importantly, what's currently standing in your way of getting there.

In the second module and session of Map Your Model we'll take a look at what's gotten off course (out of alignment) so you have the knowledge you need to decide how you want to course correct.

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Session 3: Course Correction

Every business is different, and every business will take a different course.

In the third module and session of Map Your Model we'll take a look back at what's gotten off course in your business, and identify your options to course correct.

Then, you'll decide which of those options you'd like to pursue because this is not a process of me telling you what to do - this is a process of me showing you your options, and you deciding which road to take.

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Session 4: Map Your Model

Once you've chosen your course correction, we'll get busy in the fourth and final module and session of Map Your Model in putting your plans to paper.

You will outline exactly what you are going to do, and when, in order to get back on track to your goals. Those decisions will be guided by me as I help you understand the importance not only of the strategies and courses you're choosing - but also the sequence in which you choose to put those strategies to work.

By the end of this session you will have your Map your Model Blueprint complete and ready to implement.

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Implementation: Start Your Journey

You're ready to go! By the end of the four Map Your Model sessions you will know exactly what you need to do, and in what order, to get back on track.

And in case you have a few extra questions, I'll hold a pop in office hours one week after the Map Your Model wraps so you can get any implementation questions answered.


May 21 + 23, 2024

Enrollment will open in late April, 2024. Jump on the waitlist to be the first to know - and grab a discount!
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 Not sure if Map Your Model is right for you?

Send Michelle a message and she'll help you decide.

Here's Exactly What's Included

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Two Days of Intensive Bootcamp Content

Map Your Model takes place over 2 days.

We will have 2, 90 minute sessions each day, one from 11-12:30 eastern time and one from 2:30-4:00 eastern time. Each session will be followed by 30 minutes of optional office hours, meaning we have 4 hours of content each day (11-1 ET and 2:30-4:30 ET).

All session will take place over Zoom and will be recorded for your future reference. 

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Map Your Model Blueprint

On the last day you will leave with a Map Your Model Blueprint, which is the custom blueprint you will build over the course of the workshop to meet your specific goals.

The Blueprint will make clear what your goals are for the next 6-12 months, and the specific action steps you will take - in priority order - to reach those goals. 

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Map Your Model Workbook

During the Bootcamp you'll have a workbook to guide you through our discussions, use as a central place to take notes and begin the brainstorming process for your Blueprint. 

The workbook won't be where your final plans land - those will be captured in the Blueprint - but if you're a person who likes to follow along with a workbook, I have you covered.

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All Questions Answered 

I'm with you hand in hand as we work through the Bootcamp and will be answering all questions in 1 of 3 ways:

1. There will always be time during the sessions for q&a

2. I will hold 30 minute q&a sessions after each of the 4 bootcamp sessions, so if you have an immediate question, I'll have an answer.

3. One week after we wrap up I'll hold a bonus, 60 minute q&a to cover any questions that come up as you begin to implement.

No one is left behind in my bootcamps.

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Workshop Portal for Lifetime Access to Content

When you join the Bootcamp you'll receive access to the Bootcamp portal where all the Bootcamp materials and recordings will reside. You will have access to this portal for 1 full year, and in that time you'll be able to download anything from the portal to your local drive, so you have lifetime access to all the material.

But Wait! That's Not All!

(I love getting to say that)

Map Your Model also includes these bonuses:

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BONUS: Implementation Office Hours

 I'm not going to leave you hanging after the Bootcamp with no support. One week after we wrap up I'm holding a 60 minute drop in office hours on Zoom so you can ask any questions that have come up as you move into implementation mode. 

Can't make it? No problem, you'll be able to submit your questions ahead of time and I'll address them in the recording.

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BONUS: Resource Library Access 

You'll have access to a curated resource library full of email templates, campaign templates and planning documents that will walk you through how to implement the different action steps you'll identify in your Map Your Model Blueprint.

Ready? Great. 

Map Your Model is coming back 

May 21 + 23, 2024

Enrollment will open in late April, 2024. Jump on the waitlist to be the first to know - and grab a discount!
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More Praise for Map Your Model

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Kat Lourenco

Map Your Model exceeded my expectations — both in the value delivered, and what I was able to take from it. I have a clear plan to move forward with, and a much better understanding of where I want to go beyond that. 

Seeing where I'm headed in the next 12-18 months made it much easier for me to nail down a plan for the next 3-6 months. And helped me feel excited and grounded in my short term plans — because I can get restless. Seeing the long-term map, and knowing when to apply specific levers, helped me make small adjustments now that are setting me up for those future plans. I know the plan may adjust as I go, but I also know that I now have the tools to ensure I'm adjusting the right things. I know I'll use this framework again and again.

The bootcamp format was awesome. It felt really good to block off a couple of days to be fully immersed in this work, and make some quick progress and the group format was super-informative. Being able to see my plan in the context of other options made it feel that much more concrete and validated.  Hearing the challenges and roadmaps of others both new sparked ideas and helped me refine my own roadmap.


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Sara Tans

Map Your Model exceeded my expectations. I had so many epiphanies and have gained clarity in all of the areas I was hoping to. I also have several action items that I am excited to dive into and feel much more confident & motivated about my business and the future. 

This is the most valuable course I have completed since beginning my business (and I've done a lot of them the past 7 years!). It was chock full of targeted information, insights and personalized feedback. I also loved hearing about the other participants' businesses and challenges. The format was intimate enough and affordable - amazing value for the money.








Questions? I have Answers.

Map Your Model is waiting for you.

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