I'm guessing when you started your business you figured success would come pretty quickly and easily.

And maybe you did experience some quick success, but what followed left you feeling it was more beginner’s luck than anything you could (or have) consistently repeated. 

Or maybe you’ve hustled and fought and muscled your way forward from day 1, and you can’t imagine it’s supposed to still be this hard.

Either way you’re tired. You’re done with being inundated with information and you’re most definitely done with feeling confused, scattered and unsure. You’re ready for focus, community and support.



Where your questions are answered.

Your priorities are clarified.

Your actions are accountable.

Your efforts are seen + supported.

And your business becomes aligned.

Springboard is a strategist-led, community-supported Action Hub and Studio Space for entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, service providers and author/speakers focused on building a sustainably successful business. And by sustainably successful I mean a business that consistently supports your triple bottom line of profit, energy and joy. 


Springboard keeps you focused on the right priorities in your business by helping you take action, providing accountability and dedicated deep work time, and surrounding you with support to keep going.

This is what that looks like:

Springboard is here to help you focus on your immediate priorities. It’s hard to do that when you’re not sure what those are. To fix that every new member receives a free priority-setting and onboarding call with me. This call alone usually costs $500, but you get it included in your Springboard membership.

On this call we’ll break down what’s currently going on in your business, examine your goals and identify exactly what you should be focused on right now to reach those goals. That way when you show up for Office Hours and Co-Working time you know exactly what to be asking about and working on. 



Weekly Live Community Forums and Office Hours

You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers. Once a week we gather on Zoom as a community to answer any strategy or execution questions you have and check in with everyone to make sure you're on track with your goals.

While I’d bet you already have 95% of the information you need, sometimes a detail here and a detail there is exactly what you need, or you need someone to point out what you already know. That’s what Office Hours delivers.

Have a question but can’t make it to the live session? No worries, you’ll be able to submit your question in advance and I’ll be sure to answer it. Office Hours will be recorded and archived to grow a resource library full of answers available at your fingertips. 



Live Co-Working 2x/Month


Every entrepreneur has felt the stress of trying to get the actually important (but not urgent) things done in their business. It's almost impossible. But it's also critical if you want to make any kind of lasting change. That's why Springboard prioritizes focused work over almost all else, and offers a weekly, 90 minute Live get (important) shit done session. We'll meet on Zoom, check in with each other on the day's most important tasks, and get to work. 

I’d venture to guess this will be your favorite part of Springboard - an accountable space (and place) on your calendar to block off 90 guilt free minutes every week. You’ll be amazed at what gets done. And if you need me to write you an excused absence to the rest of your life for those 90 minutes, I’m here for it. 



Quarterly Goal-Planning Sessions

Every quarter we’ll meet as a group on Zoom to reassess where you are and where you need to be - and help you adjust your plan to make it happen.




Springboard Curriculum + Resource Library

Over the past 5 years I’ve developed my own signature curriculum, vocabulary and frameworks for how to build sustainable success in business. My curriculum is adapted from the classic frameworks and made relevant for modern business. 

You’ll have access to the full curriculum and resource library, including PDF’s, worksheets and videos. This will allow us to build a shared vocabulary and frame of reference.

To be clear though: The curriculum is meant to be a reference and supplement to your own action - it is not something I expect you to (or want you to) go through in a systemic way as you would a course. That’s just going to distract from where you should be focused. Instead the curriculum exists so you have at your fingertips what you need to execute the priorities in front of you.



Pop-Up Guest Expert Trainings

I’ll occasionally open up my Rolodex and invite a guest expert to share his or her perspective on the market and how they’ve built sustainable success. As you know I don’t believe one size fits all, and so I think it’s important to understand how different entrepreneurs have approached similar problems. That’s what guest experts will be here to share - how they approach and think about building their own business, not teaching you a 10 step system to overnight growth.  

Springboard keeps you relentlessly focused on and taking action for what matters today.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Your Springboard investment starts as low as $997 per year. 

Considering everything that you get -

  • Priority-Setting and Onboarding Call

  • Weekly live Community Forum + Q&A

  • Weekly live Co-Working

  • Quarterly Goal Planning Session

  • Hot Seats

  • Community

  • Access to my resource library full of templates, planners and spreadsheets

    … Springboard’s annual plan is the definition of a no-brainer decision.

Springboard also offers a monthly membership option. If you opt for the monthly option, your investment will be $297 for the first month and $97 each month afterwards. With this option you are free cancel at any time (but you won't want to).



"Michelle is a unicorn in the online business world.  She’s got some serious business chops and she knows how to apply the theory to the practical realities of a small and growing online business.”

- Springboard Member Karen Ward


Why Springboard?

In over 5 years of mentoring online entrepreneurs from 4 to 7 figures, I’ve outlined a very predictable (and avoidable) set of pitfalls, mistakes and traps every single entrepreneur encounters on the road from idea to sustainable success.

I’ve also learned that the way around those pitfalls and mistakes is not through filling your head with more information. 

Instead, the way around requires a space where you can explore possibilities, try different answers on for size, be challenged to consider the things you’d otherwise fail to consider (because #blindspots), be held accountable to your actions and be supported as you move forward on your chosen path.

  • A space that facilitates a-ha moments and face palm, how-have-i-not-seen-that-until-now insights. 

  • A space where you can hack away at the unessential so you can focus on what matters today.

  • A space where you’re held accountable to that focus and those essentials.

  • A space where you’re surrounded by a community of other entrepreneurs cheering you on as they take the same stand in their business as you’re taking in yours.

  • A space where you learn to navigate business decisions like the CEO that you are.

And since I couldn’t find a space like this anywhere else on the interwebs, I decided to build it myself.



How do I know Springboard will work?

Because your business is not my first rodeo.

Hi, I’m Michelle Warner.

And I design smart businesses…

Businesses that are easy and efficient.

Businesses that don’t leave money on the table. 

Businesses that feed your life instead of stealing from it. 

The methods I preach inside Springboard have helped online business owners of all kinds - from 7-figure established stars to up-and-comers - understand exactly what's working for them and what's not. And from there what they should do more of and what they should stop doing.

I've been in the digital marketing and tech space for over 15 years, was the CEO of a 7+-figure tech startup for 5 of those years and have an MBA from the University of Chicago, one of the world’s top business schools, where I was mentored by 2 Nobel Prize winners. 

Which is all to say it’s not a mistake these results are the norm for my clients: I was born to do this work.


(you knew this was coming, right?)

Springboard isn’t for everyone.

I'm committed to getting you business-changing results without a life-changing time commitment, and that means limiting the studio space to include only entrepreneurs who are ready to show up, work the process, commit fully and vulnerably and support everyone else.


That means Springboard is perfect for you if:

  • You recognize you already have 90% of the information you need, and are looking for a place and space to help you organize that information into a useful framework form which you can grow a sustainably profitable business.

  • You already have a business and you know what it feels like to feel alone, unsure and unfocused.

  • You want to do the deep, focused work required to build a sustainably profitable business, and you want to be around others committed to doing the same.

  • You want a space to come to get the full truth on market trends and what you can do as an entrepreneur to safeguard your business. 

  • You want to take full responsibility for your own results.


Springboard is not a fit if:

  • You don’t yet have a business.

  • You expect immediate, overnight results.

  • You expect personalized coaching (go here to get that).

  • You need money right now.

  • You expect to outsource the decision making for your own business and want someone else to tell you what to build and who you should be. 


Springboard is about to be the best investment you've ever made.

I’m in another program already. Does it make sense to join Springboard at the same time?

Absolutely. Springboard is meant to complement the personal and business development you’re already doing. Springboard helps you think critically about the information you’re applying to your business so you apply it correctly and quickly. 


Will I receive 1:1 coaching?

Springboard is not an individualized coaching program. Those programs are limited and highly selective. For more information or to apply, click here


When are the calls scheduled? What if I can’t make it?

Office Hours and Co-Working Sessions will be announced 2 weeks prior to the start of each month so you have time to block them out on your calendar. I’ll hold a group vote for best times and sessions will be staggered as needed to make sure sessions are scheduled on a rolling basis and at the best times for the group.


When do we get started?

Right away! You’ll receive a welcome email a few minutes after joining Springboard that will tell you everything you need to get started right away.


Other questions?

Drop me a note here, and I’ll get back to you within a day.


For less than $1000 a year, or less than $100 a month, you receive:

MY BRAIN AND BEST STUFF - Learn the frameworks at the heart of how I design businesses for scale, sustainability and profit - customer segments, product mixes, development cycles to name a few.

PERSONAL FEEDBACK AT NO-BRAINER RATES - Knowing what to do is less than half the battle - the other half is getting out there and doing it and learning to navigate the questions that come up as you execute. I’ve designed this program so I’m with you in the trenches, supporting you as you take action with with weekly Office Hours and monthly Hot Seats, along with an active Facebook Community and full access to the Springboard Resource Library. Got a question? You’ll get an answer.

WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS - Join me on video once a week where I’ll answer every question you got. Or send in your questions beforehand if you can’t make the call and I’ll answer live and get you the recording. 

FOCUSED WORK SESSIONS - I’m not going to pretend that it’s remotely easy to find focused time to execute right now. We all have 30 or more hours of distraction built into 24 hours of a day. For that reason I’m hosting weekly focused work sessions where all you’re asked to do is show up with your work priorities, turn off your phone and be accountable to getting your work done. You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish.

A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY - Building a business for sustainability and profit is no joke, and you need support from others who are doing the same and not settling for good enough. You’ll find it here. 

PRACTICAL, ACTIONABLE ADVICE ON HOW TO HANDLE MARKET CHANGES - As the online industry gets louder, it’s gets harder to find your place in the market and navigate the changes. I live for this stuff, and will be sharing expert takes on what’s happening in the industry and what it means for you.


“I can’t say enough about working with Michelle. She gave me ideas I’d never considered, and told me why the things I’d been trying weren’t working. I trust her implicitly, and so should you.”

-Springboard Member Kate Anthony

"Having Michelle in my corner is quite possibly the best thing that could have happened to my business."

-Springboard Member Laura Fox

“Hiring Michelle was so far the best investment I’ve made for my company. She is a superstar and game changer.”

-Nori Szanto


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