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Predictable Sales Start Here

Predictable, repeatable, steady and stable sales - is there a bigger dream for any entrepreneur?

Problem is, it stays a dream for too many because the solutions you're taught don't cover the most important thing: the order in which you do things.

Yes you heard me right. 

Order matters more than anything.

Because, of all the tactics in the world: the email, social media, visibility, product strategy, pricing - you can get all of that right and still not make any progress, or only make frustratingly slow progress.

Ever try to put your shoes on before your socks?

Doesn't work, does it?

Even if you're the best shoe putter in the world, it's not going to work if you keep putting those shoes on before your socks.

Same deal here.

You can be the best social media star. Best emailer. Best workshop deliverer. 

And you're still going to struggle to reach predictable, sustainable sales if you're doing those things in the wrong order.

If you're trying to put your webinar shoes on before your product socks are on.  

Sequence - the order in which you do things -  is probably the most boring and also the most effective way to grow your business sustainably.

Do the right things in the right order and you grow steadily.

Do the right things in the wrong order and you risk spinning in circles for years and growing a lot slower than you should.

This workshop will focus on teaching you how to do the right things in the right order, specifically for those of you trying to achieve predictable, steady sales.

This 105 minute Workshop Includes:

→ The 5 stages of small business growth and how they offer a blueprint to what to focus on when.

→ A deep dive into stage 2 of small business growth, the Sales Stage. This is the longest and toughest stage, and where most entrepreneurs get stuck.

→ How to navigate the Sales Stage so your journey to predictable and stable sales can look less like a roller coaster and more like a walk through a few rolling hills.

→ A workbook and activity time so you can build your own plan to navigate the sales stage.

→ Recording of original Q&A giving you the opportunity to learn from other students.



  • Recording of 105 minute workshop originally taught live
  • Workbook to walk you through activities
  • Recording of original Q&A so you can learn from other students with questions that will be familiar to most entrepreneurs.


Don't Take My Word For It

I just had to thank you for the workshop you just ran about Predictable Sales. Your information and approach is practical and real and completely inspiring at the same time. It completely cuts through all the noise in my head. I understand better how important it is to listen to myself and to build what is right for me. Thank you for building this workshop and offering your point of view. I value your voice and approach so much. It makes me feel calm and centered and empowered.

-Danielle Laurent

Before working with Michelle to understand the Sales Stage of business, I felt like I was doing it wrong. I was experiencing excitement and growth in my business, but it felt unpredictable and haphazard — which was having an effect on my mindset. Through Michelle's expert teaching, I've come to not only understand the challenges at this stage of business, but embrace them for what they are: radical growth.

Allison Davis