I Will Not Be Responsible For Running Your Business (A True Story)

I used to work on retainer, helping direct strategy for some of the internet’s biggest brands.⁣

Which worked. ⁣

Until it didn’t. ⁣

Until I noticed a growing sense of unease over whether I was helping.⁣

On the surface of course I was helping. By and large the businesses I partnered with were growing and models were aligning and profit was increasing and all was good in the world.⁣

But underneath the surface it wasn’t as rosy. I know how to grow businesses, and the entrepreneurs I was helping hadn’t had that experience before, so they were ceding decision making to me. ⁣

But it doesn’t work (can’t work) that way, and by making their decisions, I was hurting the same businesses I was trying to hard to help. ⁣

👉🏽Because I was allowing the CEO’s to stay in their comfort zones⁣
👉🏽Because my presence meant they weren’t facing the real emotional choices + hurdles only they could face⁣

And so I stopped offering retainers.⁣

Now I guide, show and teach but don’t do. ⁣

👉🏽I show you where things might be out of alignment.⁣
👉🏽I guide you to better options and help you choose which of those options makes the most sense for you.⁣
👉🏽I teach you how to implement your choices.⁣

It’s worlds better for everyone.⁣

Why am I sharing this now?⁣

Because the other day I was talking to a copywriter and she confessed “I worry I’m ruining these businesses because when I write for them I end up making decisions they should be making.”⁣

YES. A critical insight for her, and her business and her client’s businesses will be better for it.⁣

And so my message to you is:⁣

Your Copywriters.⁣
Your Strategists.⁣
Your Ads managers.⁣

Our role is to amplify and perfect what’s already working for you.⁣

To find you the extra 10-30% that takes you from a good business to a life-changing business.⁣

It is not to take your idea and build it from scratch for you.⁣

We can’t (and won’t) do that for you, because we know it’s a path to nowhere for you, and we want you on the path to everywhere.⁣

Tell me in the comments where you’ve been asking someone to solve something for you, when instead you could be asking for guidance to solve it yourself.


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