The grievance? I’d gotten sucked into another personality quiz, this one promising to tell me what kind of social life I preferred based on my choosing my preferred dress in several categories. (Cap sleeves or spaghetti straps for your little black dress? Tea length or just below the knees for dinner? You get the idea.) 

And when I got to the question that asked me to choose my favorite sundress out of 4 options, I hated all of them so much I couldn’t possibly choose. They were ugly! And why was my laptop forcing me to choose? And instead of exiting the browser and getting on with my day I yelled at the screen and hit refresh hoping to see more choices. 

I’m guessing you know how that turned out for me. 

Why am I sharing this embarrassing window into my life? 

Because quizzes are incredibly effective at grabbing your attention and keeping you engaged. And if you’re an entrepreneur trying to break through the noise online, I bet you can already see the power in being able to hook your audience in the way I was hooked into those ugly sundresses. 

That’s why I’m thrilled to partner with Interact to share with you the easiest software I’ve found (and I’ve tested a lot) to create attention-grabbing (and lead-generating) quizzes for your audience.

And to prove it to you, I created my own quiz for my own audience to walk you through the process from A to Z. 

Why would you create a quiz?

If you know anything about my style, you know I have no tolerance for shiny objects and chasing the next great thing for popularity factor alone. Which means I’d never advocate you creating a quiz just to create a quiz. Before you start, you need a reason and a strategy. 

What was mine?

I work with entrepreneurs who have hit an income plateau and become frustrated their business has stopped growing. When I start working with them I find the reason they’re stalled is usually because they’ve gotten ahead of themselves and are focusing on the wrong thing. Once I get them focused on the right priorities, their business starts to grow again.

That means I need my clients to be aware, before we start working together, that there are different things you need to prioritize at different stages of your business. I also need them to appreciate and care about that. And so I created a quiz that helps them identify what stage of business growth they’re at, and from there what they should be focused on.

It’s an opt-in quiz, pure and simple. I want qualified leads to join my email list, and if someone is intrigued enough to take a quiz that tells them what their priorities should be, they’re a good lead for me.

Once the topic was finalized the next step was to come up with the questions. This step was easy for me - since I already work with Springboard, my 5 stages of business growth framework, and use a standard set of questions to determine what stage a business is in, my work was already done and all I had to do was choose a selection of those questions to include in the quiz. Easy peasy.


Creating the quiz in Interact

Now that I knew the point of my quiz (to opt people into my list), the theme (identify your stage of business growth) and the questions (pulled from my Springboard framework) it was time to create the quiz inside Interact.

This is when things got even easier.

About 4 years ago I created a quiz using different software, and #nojoke it took me over a month to create. The process was not for the faint of heart. This quiz? This quiz I was able to create in less than an hour, start to finish, inside Interact. And using Interact’s tools meant I also looked better and more professional than the quiz that had taken me a month to build. 

One of the ways I made it easy on myself was by using one of Interact’s built-in templates. And here’s a free piece of advice - I didn’t use the template just to save time. I used it because I’m smart. 

When you’re designing for conversion, ALWAYS go with a template when available. Templates are designed to optimize conversion based on what’s worked best for everyone. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel here- Interact provides a ton of templates that have been tested for usability and success. Use them. 

In my case I went to the template page, sorted by highest conversion, and chose the template that converted the best. Done and done. 2 minute decision.



Once I had the template chosen it was time to design the cover page. Again, easy peasy. I uploaded a brand photo of my own that worked well, but I was impressed to see that Interact provided a link to a database of royalty free images so if you don’t have a photo ready to go you’ll easily be able to find one that will work for you.

Access to stock photos and editing tools means it’s easy to create a professional cover for your quiz.

Once I had the cover page done I was on to the fun - adding my questions and, the part that makes my geeky heart sing, mapping those questions to answers. 

Setting up questions and answers is quick and easy.

Setting up questions and answers is quick and easy.

Because I wanted flexibility in how I mapped answers to questions, I chose Interact’s Personality quiz. The software also offers Assessment and Scored quizzes, but Personality worked best for my idea because each question and answer didn’t have to map to a specific result. It gave me freedom to have fun with the questions instead of worrying about each of them mapping to a perfect result. 

Personality quizzes give you max flexibility when it comes to pairing questions with answers.

Personality quizzes give you max flexibility when it comes to pairing questions with answers.



Like my questions, defining my results was easy because they’re a set part of the Springboard framework I already use in my business. I did that, rather than coming up with something completely new, because I’ve seen over and over that when entrepreneurs have the a-ha of what stage of business they’re actually in, and how they’re focusing on the wrong thing, they’re ready to hear about how I can help. And since the whole point of my quiz is to bring in qualified leads, that approach made sense.

What I did have to decide was how to end the quiz. Would I end it right there on the screen with a call to action? Or send them over to my email list for follow up?

You probably already know the answer - this is an opt-in quiz, so I wanted to get them on my email list. 

What was surprisingly (but shouldn’t have been, given the rest of my experience building the quiz) was how easy it was to build the integration.

I use Active Campaign for my email and in just a few clicks I had Interact connected to my account. I’m a fan of automation, so the simple connection wasn’t enough. I wanted more and got more. 

I was able to set map my results so that every contact being sent to Active Campaign was sent there with a results tag specifying which result (or in real terms, which stage of business) each quiz taker received. That means I was able to set up automations in Active Campaign to follow up with someone in the Validate stage of growth differently than someone who scored in the Foundation stage of growth. 

Connecting Interact to Active Campaign is a snap.

Connecting Interact to Active Campaign is a snap.

Being able to map results to Active Campaign and market accordingly is a big win because it gave me the ability to follow up with leads based specifically on what stage of business they scored in. In other words, I can speak directly to what I know they’re struggling with right then and there instead of in general themes.  

Interact’s ability to tag results to Active Campaign records means I was able to set up separate automations for each quiz result.

Interact’s ability to tag results to Active Campaign records means I was able to set up separate automations for each quiz result.


Share It

Now that my quiz was complete, I needed to share it with the world. Or in my case, my world. I host my website on SquareSpace so I chose the embed feature in Interact and was able to embed my quiz directly on my website. I then pinned a link to the top of my Facebook page and have begun promoting it on my social channels.

Interact gives you several easy ways to share + promote your quiz.

Interact gives you several easy ways to share + promote your quiz.

I chose to embed my quiz directly on my SquareSpace website while also sharing it on my social channels.

I chose to embed my quiz directly on my SquareSpace website while also sharing it on my social channels.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 9.08.05 PM.png


Interact has an impressively powerful analytics hub, and if you know me and my love of data, you know that’s high praise. 

Beyond being able to view basic conversion numbers as I would expect, I was thrilled to see that you can view the full record of responses for each person taking the quiz. While this may feel like overkill if you’re running a high volume/high lead business, it’s definitely not overkill if you’re running a high end, high touch business like mine. 

For example, I had someone take the quiz and then contact me to speak further. From the Active Campaign record I was able to see what stage her business was in before I spoke to her, and that was helpful. But when I went into Interact I realized I could also see each and every answer she gave in the quiz. 

That wasn’t just helpful, it was a game changer. From that information I could tell a ton about what was going on in her business without having to ask, and our sales conversation was all the more productive for it. 

Analytics include individual account breakdowns so you can see every answer given by each quiz taker.

Analytics include individual account breakdowns so you can see every answer given by each quiz taker.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell I’m a massive fan of using quizzes for your opt-ins. Not only have I seen them work on me (not going to lie, I’m still mad about those sundress options…) but more importantly I’ve seen them work extremely well for clients and friends who need to build a list fast.

Having said that, you still need to take the time to do them right and Interact makes that easy. That means your only job is to be smart about it, and for that I will give you the same advice I give for most every business project you’re thinking about: 

1. If you’re going to do it, take 5 minutes to reverse engineer a strategy first. Like I said at the beginning of this post, don’t create a quiz because it’s a shiny object. Create one because you understand how you can position a quiz as the first step of a lead generation strategy.

2. Don’t overthink it. I’ve had clients who have quizzes go gang busters. I’ve also had clients who spend 5 months trying to get one live. Don’t be the latter. I had this quiz up and running in 1 hour and Interact makes it more than easy to do that while making it look like you’ve spent months on it. Strategic action is the name of the game here, and that means getting your ideas out into the world, not spending 3 months choosing a cover photo.

3. And most importantly, if you do create a quiz, tell me about it! I want to hear all about your experience and how your results compare to other lead generation tactics you try. My guess is the quiz will come out on top.

Please note: this article contains affiliate links for product that I use and love.