How to be intentional with your business connections

I talk a lot about intentionally building relationships and connection and keeping it a consistent priority if you want to keep consistent income flowing in your business.⁣⁣

I also talk a lot about how that intentional word is the most important one, because when you’re not intentional about the relationships you’re creating, this is going to happen:⁣

The people you meet and the people you build relationships with will be random. Maybe there will be some good fits, even great, maybe they’ll all be terrible fits and most likely a whole bunch of them will be ‘fine’ fits. ⁣

Fine is not great. Fine is passive. Fine is time-wasting. Fine is saying you’re fine with good enough. ⁣

Here’s the problem with good enough: Whether you sell by funnels or 1:1 or through your podcast or whatever method you use to reach your clients and customers, I’m betting relationships are at the core. ⁣

You may not realize it at first, but think about it. ⁣

If you’re selling 1:1, I bet you have some people who are referring potential clients to you. That’s a relationship.⁣

If you’re selling via email and funnels, I bet you jump at the opportunity to appear in the media, on a popular podcast, as an expert in a group, because it helps you supercharge your list growth. Those opportunities come your way because of a relationship.⁣

If you’re selling through your own social platforms - same deal. I bet you have strong relationships with service providers and other colleagues who are making that happen for you. ⁣

Whether you’re realized it or not, relationships are at the core of everything you’re doing in your business. They are the top of your funnel. ⁣

And if you’re not being intentional about them, if you’re just being fine with whatever comes your way, no wonder you get caught in ebbs and flows in your business. ⁣

No wonder.⁣

So tell me: why exactly are you ok with fine when it comes to building relationships when you’re not at all ok with fine when it comes to defining your perfect customer or perfecting your program or even choosing your brand colors?⁣

And what would it look like if you decided to stop being fine and start being intentional?⁣


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